Self Storage Development
Innovation & Quality since 1999


What separates Nuvo Development from most other self-storage developers is an ability to build in both traditional and non-traditional ways. Nuvo is always looking for land to develop that will reap the greatest benefits and those searches sometimes result in a property that requires creative building, “going vertical,” building up instead of out. 


Nuvo Development CEO Gary Cardamone has assembled a team of site planners, architects, and engineers. Projects are already in the works for locations around the state of Florida. Including cities like Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Chicago. Nuvo Development is always seeking new opportunities and partnerships. 


We are able to find tight spaces in cities and perfect spots near growth areas. The hard-to-do projects and desirable sites are no problem for us. We can get a feel for a property online, but we have to actually go to locations to be sure. And we travel a lot! In the end, the Nuvo Development process is dependable and successful.

About Nuvo Development

Nuvo Development is a real estate development firm founded in 2014 in Orlando, Florida, with a focus on self-storage development. Nuvo provides an exciting new vision of development in the self-storage industry. Imagining new designs and finding creative and successful locations are the mantra for Nuvo.

All of which ties in with a strong focus on Nuvo’s investors. Nuvo works to ensure that its projects yield the highest returns for investors. It is one thing to build basic old-style self-storage facilities, quite another to create inviting and highly functional buildings that will bring in business and keep occupancy rates high. The firm is highly committed to developing best-in-class self-storage facilities by locating superior sites, teaming with strong investors, and thinking outside the box.